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Sure, you can support your fat loss with exercise, you burn energy. And now he knows what to do. Here and he has nobility. Google rolls out updates. I would be a heretic. Mike Matthews: So, yeah, you know, funny. Mike Matthews: Yeah. Thank you for reading Bigger Leaner Stronger. Mark Rippetoe: It is. Sep 22, 2018 - Explore Sarabeth Prontaut's board "Bigger leaner stronger" on Pinterest. Mark Rippetoe: "Are all anti-vegans this stupid?". And know is this... Look, if you really want to pursue this line of questioning, then we got to stop playing sports. They'd work out once. I mean, you have to admit there's a certain amount of genius involved in that. It's additional connective tissue that also shrinks as you get leaner. Mark Rippetoe and Michael Matthews discuss lifting for aesthetics, nutrition, supplements, and the book publishing business. Mark Rippetoe: You know, it is unfortunate that they don't understand anything beyond that. I remember one person he was like, "You have like a nice swimmer's body." And also there's there's a fair amount of upper body training. You can just get smacked. Leave us alone. Mark Rippetoe: Their compensated... Their compensation structures are are set up completely differently. Mark Rippetoe: Bulemia. So he went he went to school and he studied...he had a master's in history, studied history and philosophy just for fun, because it's what he's into, and now he's a financial advisor. It's chickenshit. But, these a lot of the things, though, that when you're getting into the more extraneous stuff, the fringe stuff, that is shifting. I do want you to eat nutritious foods because I do want you to take care of your body. And so so. You've got to... You've got to squat more than I do. If you only do regular curls for your biceps, you're missing a whole lot of muscle. Mark Rippetoe: They know they're...they know they're they're skinny. And this is kind of a duh thing, isn't it? These people want to pretend like there are as many people interested in watching women's soccer as there are men's soccer. Spending but, but, you know, there are a few different models, but those models usually are assuming stage weight. Thanks for this! They hear it on the internet and they believe it. But you go in the gym to build muscle and and to get a strong. Your Bigger Leaner Stronger Workout Plan. That seems awfully judgemental. The Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger program is meant for intermediate and advanced weightlifters that are looking to take their training and physiques to the next level. At 220 220 shredded year round lifetime lifetime drug free. Mike Matthews: Yes, exactly. Okay. And that's that's very much the approach. That's the key. Right. But, you know, it was well received just because like I was I was I was being objective and just laying out. OK, you guys go ahead and pretend. And he's like, you know, he's telling you, he's like, this is ironic because he he was he was quoting Carl Jung. Look, there's a terminal degree in this specialty. This is... Mike Matthews: And how does an algorithm... Mark Rippetoe: Credential worship... scientism... this sort of thing. I mean, they... Mike Matthews: I was skeptical when I first heard about it. I mean, that's been the case. Download books for free. We're here with our friend Mike Matthews. They're talking about this. And Very Well Fit like those two guys are doing great. And... Mike Matthews: A lot of people don't...they just don't like to do it at all. The most pervasive problem in terms of body composition that I see throughout...and this is not this is not particularly a problem within the industry, because I think we all know better than this, but popular culture clings to the idea that you can exercise off the fat. And so now Legion's blog is cruising at like 900 K a month. But let's start... Mark Rippetoe: We're not going to do this the rest of your life. So older guys, you know, just don't give a shit. And I and I maybe had done a free squat. And 2000 calories. Mike Matthews: That would get some views. So... Mike Matthews: You know, so I have a book for men - "Bigger, Leaner, Stronger" - a book for women - "Thinner, Leaner, Stronger." I know from interacting with people that they appreciate a guy who will say, "Yeah, that was that was not right. Mark Rippetoe: What really happened? Audio feeds: So, so Legion is the Southern Command. Mike Matthews: And Amazon, unfortunately, because it's very much a bureaucracy at this point, it's you know 400,000 employees or whatever, they just kind of shoot first and ask questions later. Mark Rippetoe: Nobody can win. Get used to the idea. So should I do a low carb diet? We're doing it at thirty-four. Mark Rippetoe: It appeals to the demographic that will pay you ten dollars a month, put it on their credit card, let you auto draft it and never go in the building. Long, lean... Mark Rippetoe: Muscle. But, hey take the women's soccer team - they got beat by a bunch of 15 year old boys. Yes. Weight program designed for women. But when then what does that say to little girls? You ought to be smart enough to know what the deal is. That kind of shut. Mark Rippetoe: Welcome back to Starting Strength Radio. Mark Rippetoe: What's interesting is their coach, their coaches knew that it would be good for them to play the boys, like because they knew they'd get beat and learn something from it. Mark Rippetoe: If they all went to the gym... Mark Rippetoe: You couldn't fit them in the gym and the parking lot. But I don't recommend eating 150 grams of sugar a day because you aren't going to feel too good. We'll gut him. Mark Rippetoe: And that's just all there. SUE. It's not "muscles," it's "muscle.". That's my question. Mike Matthews: When you're never gonna be half as good. This dude built this from nothing. You know, you you've you've got to back this off and grow the fuck up. It's just it just gone. If if you are if you are a good salesperson, you know how to use it. The Bigger Leaner Stronger Workout Plan calls for five days of weightlifting, as much cardio as you’d like to do based on your goals and what you now know, and two days of rest from the weights, and one day of complete rest (no exercise whatsoever). Mark Rippetoe: You're you're not. Mark Rippetoe: What do you think he's talking about? It has made us gullible. I highly recommend. That's not to change. And I don't think that my reasoning was like wildly off base. Mark Rippetoe: Hold on. Mike Matthews: It doesn't have the marketing spin. I had never done a single set of deadlifts, not one. So nothing unhealthy about that. But there was a time when.... And then you take that and it gets it gets spun into the next turbulence training or, you know, whatever. Mike Matthews: You're not going to have a better golf swing or something. Mark Rippetoe: Never, ever. Please check your email! I'm sorry. Well, it wasn't actually that, maybe like 25 items that are just things I wanted to do. Please check your email! Like, you know, there there are some big, big websites out there that, you know, went from getting like millions and millions, 10 plus million visits a month to, you know, like 3. Sonix is the best way to convert your video to text in 2019. Mike Matthews: Which is I know three is a lot, but it's it's. He's a smart guy. Calories in, calories out. Mark Rippetoe: Eighty three thousand percent markup. Just tell me what I should do. Mike Matthews: That's not... my stomach, I would not do well. Mike Matthews: That's a microaggression actually. That's nice. OK, not top tier, but that is that is elite muscle building genetics. Nobody bought anything. Mark Rippetoe: Animals are not dogs. Mike Matthews: Well, you'll never really know what happened. [off-camera]: Comments are all going to be. You know, and they keep paying them. Fuck. Mark Rippetoe: Planet Fitness is exactly the same thing. Add a little bit weight every time you train. Mike Matthews: Well, then, how much do you have to charge to, you know, if they had if had a high attendance rate, that if they charge so much money just to keep or no one would be a problem. Because there are many women out there who don't want to be thinner like they want to be by fitters. Who am I? Mike Matthews: It was it was it was good information. For your own sake. But if you remember, I remember when you first learned about this, it was like your mind was blown. That's what you get. Mike Matthews: Yeah. Mark Rippetoe: Immediate credibility and nothing could be further from the truth. Natural. Mark Rippetoe: My hands are sweaty, too, because it's 108 today or something like that. Mark Rippetoe: Muscle mass, strength. And I hear "bunchy muscles." Mark Rippetoe: We'll see death threats or cool. Yeah. I don't normally comment on comments from the haters, but I got to say, this: How do you spell... how do you pronounce v-e-g-e-t-a-r-i-a-n? So Legion's blog had had peaked at about me one point eight million visits a month before the first update rolled out. Not not that big. Mike Matthews: You're 6'1" 230, 6 percent year round. I I mean, maybe I just remember because you hear all these weird things, you know, right now it's the keto diet or any of that, you know, that this food makes you fat. Mark Rippetoe: I'm real sure it is. I had a lot of chest flyes. Your subscription could not be saved. Right. That it doesn't enhance athletic ability. Mark Rippetoe: And and it's brilliant. I was, I was puking blood. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body. Mark Rippetoe: It was free. Mike Matthews: You know, and you know, that's OK. Mike Matthews: There's health benefits to it. But to say that testosterone does not contribute to muscle mass and strength is the same exact thing as saying that the sun, this morning, just this morning, came up in the West. This is. PEACE, LOVE & LUNGES. You know, if you remember of Gold's, you probably don't go that much, but you're still paying. You can go higher if you want, but that's probably enough for health and then fill in the rest your calories with carbs. You fucking pussy. Mike Matthews: And so, I mean, there are websites that were getting hundreds of thousands of visits a month that literally got deleted off the internet, basically. There isn't any more money because nobody watches your sport. I mean, you know, I could go back to if I want to. And and so, so anyway, it goes over on the on the dietary side of things. They both love the easy to follow program and that it incorporates the 3 aspects needed. No, no I'm six one one ninety five. Mark Rippetoe: And it's also hard to do if you don't care. And in our get get you away from Netflix or social media or porn for...I guess you go to social media to this... Let's get you off Netflix and off the porn for long enough to get mad about get mad about something. Mike Matthews: Yes. If he's on vacation, if he wants to gain a bit of weight or... it doesn't matter now. Mike Matthews: What does it mean if someone can't understand that though? Like, why even bother? Let's not labor under the delusion that you get abs from running. Mike Matthews: And to feel like that first step has been taken. And anger will do fine. That would be fair. He'd put these lead boxes out, he'd check them every week, pull the leads out. So. And it didn't actually... a couple people tried to nit pick a couple things. Mike Matthews: Gotta be lean muscle. Mike Matthews: Yes. But calcium can can be a bit difficult as well. Please check your email! He's like, well, what about carbs? I just did not like my voice. There it is isn't it. Advices? Mike Matthews: Now, remember, it also can be difficult, though, to determine a true normalized FFMI if the bodyfat level is too high. A true Widowmaker ala Dog Crapp is not a standard 20 rep quad exercise, and certainly not comparable with any form of sissy squat. Mike Matthews: Oh natural though. But you just have to go through a process. It's one of those things. Protein somewhere between, I don't know, zero point eight to one gram per pound per day and somewhere around zero point three grams of fat per day. Like Google would see that and be like [points and thumps on table]. I know of one who's a friend of mine. Mark Rippetoe: "So I can eat meat, pay for billions of animals to be tortured." Mike Matthews: I don't know. I've learned better. If you are not if you are not capable of admitting that you did something wrong, you're you're just not going to be useful to many people. Mike Matthews: Was that enough to get death threats though? A list of my favorite tools for getting and staying motivated and on track inside and outside of the gym. We're not in disagreement on basic anything. Don't look into it. Mark Rippetoe: Yeah. That's the key. The soccer scandal. OK. Mark Rippetoe: And yeah, that's fine. So, you know, all that frequency, all that stuff has always been dependent on on how long you've been training and what your previous training history has done to your physiology. But it's it's unimpressive. Cool. I don't. Mike Matthews: Women aren't skilled. I want to make sure that you get as much value from this book as possible, so I’ve put together a number of additional free resources to help you, including: 100% privacy! It was popular, but it didn't serve much of a strategic purpose. He's just doing it at twelve percent bodyfat. Mark Rippetoe: Jeeves...with your with your clubs. That's not why. You know, and people that people that, for example... Mark Rippetoe: Starting Strength is a gallon of milk a day, right? And that came about because a lot of women were reading the men's book and saying like, "Hey, this seems pretty applicable to me, but I don't really want to be bigger." But we're... basically what what the I'd say the data the data shows - and there are a lot of other people out there, smart people who would agree with me - which building up my authority here. Mark Rippetoe: There aren't any technique steroids. Everybody fucks things up. And if you want to take the remaining and eat whatever you want, then do that. I wrote about this. In this case, the band resistance gradually increases as you pull it down, making the exercise even harder at the bottom than at the top. And nothing I'm going to say is going to change a god damn thing about what anybody's going to do. Mike Matthews: And and of course, you are you are taking your your energy out and you are calibrating your energy. Well, we'll see what they say...that ought guys. Yeah, that's a big deal. It's like it's like it's like the idea that the Enlightenment ideals of "we're all equal." Proper Leg Press Form: 7 Key Mistakes To Avoid ... Do This Soleus Muscle Seated Calf Raise Exercise For Bigger Calves! Mark Rippetoe: To the first one that tells me what this is. And the title.... Mark Rippetoe: ...know they look better with a little bit more muscle mass. You just don't understand arithmetic? This is, you know, 30 years ago. Mike Matthews: You mean like how how big would you be at like 6 percent body fat? Ours has been strength, but we both based the programs on basic barbell exercise, complicated full body movements loaded incrementally. Because of the need to find customers. But I wouldn't put a novice on it. The bottom line is if you can dedicate 3 to 6 hours per week to Bigger Leaner Stronger, you can build the body you've always wanted. If people remember that website. [off-camera]: She might identify as a dog. Mike Matthews: Are you calling me fat? I don't like framing it that way. This is what I learned from Bigger, Leaner, Stronger. Please let us know if this problem persists... Can't connect to Strongr Fastr's servers. If you're not learning anything, if you haven't changed an opinion over the past 10 years that you once held as an irrefutable, existential, all revolving truth then you're not thinking very hard. He's like, there's a thing that that Jung said that basically like the the truth. Mike Matthews: And are there are margins in that business. For ladies who are looking for overall body transformation, Strong Curves is one of the best workout routines for beginners. There are a whole bunch of people in this business, that really need to be selling cars, you know. But the dude didn't make sure that we have a good working AMP webbsite so that traffic was literally worthless. Like I don't know what Google's doing. But I'm saying technically. Right. So it gets better because there were some misunderstandings in the warehouse and what exactly they should be doing. No. Bulk. Bonus material is headed your way! And that's not true. It was a ding. Mike Matthews: Now, why is that? And it hasn't made that big of a difference because it was mostly a hit to my blog traffic, which didn't make me that much money anyway. They've done three updates now. I've done that dozens and dozens of times and people appreciate that. The muscle that's really like elite. How to get abs, stuff like that. Just gone. Lifting 3 days each week and performing plyometrics 2 days each week leaves room for 2 days of complete rest or active recovery. You don't get to tell people what to watch. Right. That have acronyms after their name and stuff... Mike Matthews: And but they were saying those things. That's why. Asking for a death threat. Obviously there are certain things that you would not want to get wrong. It's interesting that we're we're talking about these misconceptions that we've all had to deal with. Mark Rippetoe: I don't think Planet Fitness derives much of that traffic from anything except word of mouth. I mean, like losing 95 percent of their traffic, of their search engine traffic. Mike Matthews: This is where the marketers come in. Mike Matthews: They just... you can't buy it anymore. Designed by Michael Matthews, Thinner Leaner Stronger (TLS)is the female version of Matthews’ bestseller body transformation program for men, Bigger Leaner Stronger. People still... Mike Matthews: You can look at it this way, right? And iron and a few things. Mike Matthews: It seems like the idea is. Mark Rippetoe: Michael, thank you so much for flying out here. Mark Rippetoe: It's just not fair that somebody loses. Let's just look at this. Mike Matthews: Exactly. Mark Rippetoe: Yeah. Mark Rippetoe: Well, it in one of the things I think we've accomplished is that we've demonstrated conclusively that a lot of that depends on how long you've been training and how you've been training previously. "Walking unintentionally over an ant is the moral equivalent of needlessly stabbing a cow in the throat? Mark Rippetoe: But it does affect strength in that you will have a better golf swing because you're stronger. So you're gonna have to eat fewer calories than you burn over time. We'll see you next time. It's just so goddamn satisfying to be offended by other people. I'm going to kill you. Well, maybe not. If... that's who this is an issue to. We will. [off-camera]: He said you better delete this video. Mike Matthews: Fake naturals are always amusing. Mike Matthews: So how about this? Mike Matthews: And so, you know, that was once a strong opinion. But we're basically doing the same thing here. Mike Matthews: It sounds nice. And we don't know what comes next. And it's astonishingly simple. So, you know, but he's still a bit puzzled. Mark Rippetoe: Well, isn't that luxurious? Move me to Saskatchewan. I know for a fact that's what happened. They're needing fewer calories than men because they just burn fewer calories, smaller bodies. Since advertising, since Claude Hopkins back in the early nineteen hundreds when advertising really started to become a science and they really started to figure out how to persuade people and how to sell people. Imagine my height fucking twenty eight. I was never meant to be a big guy. It's just how people are people or people are.... And you know that the hilarious thing about this is, is that that people are so quick to stop thinking, you know. I don't I actually don't think it's that. That's a lie. Just keep going. Because who gets to determine... Mark Rippetoe: The veracity, of the applicability of the credential. Mike Matthews: Oh, of course, absolutely. And one of the reasons we don't talk about drugs on this podcast very much is because I just don't really care about it. Mike Matthews: Is probably is sexual satisfaction. "Increasing my chance of dying sooner and have a body like you. Mark Rippetoe: Of course. Legion athletics is the hub, so. OK. And then extrapolating from there and there's also, you know, Casey, you've come across Casey butts, his work on on how big can you get based on your your bone's size, how much bone you have in your in your body. Dictionaries are racist anyway. Just here, here are calories, you know, set them up like this, I want you to break these calories down into protein, carbs and fats. Mike Matthews: Like landed. Mike Matthews: Yeah. Or some supplements. So we're getting all this blog traffic. Why do you think? Mark Rippetoe: We may be, we may be. I can't recommend this book enough. And you'd better if you intend to remain professionally respected. Or I could be a vegan, love and care for animals, live longer, and be ripped and muscular looking. You know, people learn. I highly, highly recommend Bigger Leaner Stronger. And accordingly, if you want to get skinnier, gonna get leaner. Mike Matthews: And muscle gain, of course. Mike Matthews: Ironically, a lot of that traffic was AMP. Mike Matthews: Is up is like a you could start with that, you know, 40, 40, 20 type approach. Mike Matthews: Because you lose you lose them. Tell me I am wrong. Mike Matthews: Yes, there is. Mike Matthews: Yeah. Why did they do it? And this is with respect to women taking testosterone. Mike Matthews: Because you lose momentum, you have to build back. Bring on my new life. If you aren't learning things, just go away. Just shut up. They hadn't been back in three years, but they are still paying ten bucks. Mark Rippetoe: Would you think that Google has got an ownership stake in one of those? Mark Rippetoe: And, you know, people aren't any more circumspect than that anymore. Leave that... Leave the fitness industry alone because you guys are not entitled to an opinion. That's the the starting point. I give needy people money and I charge them 30 percent interest. So I in 2012 I... Maybe I'll just tell it as little bit of a story so it's not just... so it's interesting. Mark Rippetoe: I just... sixty three and I just don't I don't care. Mike Matthews: And so long as you get the most important things mostly right most of the time, then you're you're going to be doing well by people. And that's what new edition are for, you know.". Mike Matthews: Plus some bodybuilding stuff, of course. Do you really need us to explain this to you? Are anti... Mike Matthews: The way out is the way through. Mark Rippetoe: Any kind of emotion. You're not helping us out here. Right. Mark Rippetoe: And you know? Nobody else is puzzled by this. Thousands of documentary filmmakers and journalists use Sonix to convert be/-dCuz1VmfW8 file to srt or vtt to make their media content more accessible to the viewing public. People are gonna take drugs. Mark Rippetoe: I don't know what else there is to say.

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