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Although the Park’s lemurs are well-loved by their keepers, for their wild counterparts, life isn’t as rosy. Baby douroucouli only weigh a miniscule 3oz at birth, so although the adults are weighed weekly, there was no indication that Kyna was carrying a small passenger! The children had clearly worked very hard to come up with ideas for the birthday party and we loved seeing them in their elephant party hats, having just as much fun decorating the cake as Sutton did eating it.”. During the week-long event, guests will be able to visit a Rhino Information Station where they can see some rhino artefacts, find out what the Park’s rhinos eat, learn about the eleven rhinos at the Park and enter a competition to win a cuddly toy rhino. Staff at West Midland Safari Park have thrown a big, ‘king-of-the-jungle-sized’ birthday party for their seven lion cubs, who are all celebrating their first birthday this year. The annual recruitment event will take place on Tuesday 14 January, starting at 4:00pm and will be held in Treetops Pavilion, one of the many unique venues onsite. Children aged 12-15 years must be accompanied by an adult to watch from the path. “The new facilities for our African elephants have been designed to include outdoor pools, enrichment areas such as mud wallows, dust baths and multiple feeding areas, plus it gives them the opportunity for 24-hour roaming. Here you can take a self-guided tour through a host of animal enclosures in your … We are very proud that we are able to go some way to inspiring the next level of conservationists.”, The courses are planned annually by Course Co-ordinator Ali Burton. 9.00am – First stop is the Indian Rhino House. when the time is right, it will be over to you for the big moment. They will have large, open-plan living areas with lounge and dining area, plus a downstairs bedroom, as well as a large balcony with outdoor seating. Phone 01299 406461 or Email experiences@wmsp.co.uk. Sometimes it is hard to spot the wolves because they are always looking at the deers in the other enclosure. Afterwards, some of the other pride members will be released into the reserves. You will be introduced to the audience as a VIP keeper. They eggspecially enjoyed pushing it into the water, (the keepers did not, as it meant having to try and fish it out before it sank!).”. Take the A449 to Kidderminster. Children will get a memento of their day by having a picture of themselves with Santa to take home and they’ll be able to choose their very own present in the elves’ workshop. Penny Hounsome, Curriculum Leader of Zoo Animal Studies at Sparsholt College, said, “Winning the annual BIAZA award for ‘Best Performance on the DMZAA Course’, represents the culmination of two years of dedicated study for Kate. The safari park allows the animals to roam freely up to your car window and I would advise buying animal feed at the entrance as it's great for smaller kids to feed them off the palms of their hands. After much deliberation, Keepers narrowed it down to two suggestions that would then be shared with Seto for her final decision. You can purchase Animal Feed when you arrive to feed the deer, antelope and giraffe around the Safari. The heartbreaking reality is that lemurs are one of the most threatened mammal groups, with wild ring-tailed lemurs being listed as ‘endangered’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). From 13-28 April, over 50 giant, brightly-coloured eggs will be popping up all over the Park’s walk-through areas, including the Sea Lion Theatre, home to three California sea lions – Callum, Jack and Bounty. West Midland Safari Park has been celebrating the spookiest of seasons, with some pumpkin treats for their latest arrival, Indian rhino calf, Inesh. Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day at West Midland Safari Park, as their troop of ring-tailed lemurs celebrate with some romantic enrichment. You will join the keeper to help present the talk by giving the lemurs a snack for their lunch. West midland safari park is a great day out for the family, there are a variety of activities and something to suit everyone. "By Saturday most places will be seeing the fresher air coming across for the weekend, so although it might still be humid at times I think generally temperatures will be falling below heatwave.". Eagle-eyed visitors may be able to spot different forms of enrichment as they explore the Park this Easter. Your VIP guide will give you a tour behind the scenes. The meerkats and tigers can be seen as part of admission to Santa Safari. West Midland Safari Park’s keepers are getting in a flap about some cute new arrivals in the Park’s Penguin Cove. Staff at West Midland Safari Park left ‘extremely saddened’ by loss of six deer and 10 sheep "As only our safari is open, it is essential that we can safely manage the number of guests visiting the Park each day. The Annual Pass may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Sutton is the first and only baby elephant to be born at the Park in its 46-year history and was eagerly awaited, following a lengthy 22-month pregnancy. Don’t forget to call in at Reception to pick up your memory stick and Free Return Ticket. Our brand-new, incredible elephant lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in Europe. E-mail me at kirsten.rawlins@shropshirestar.co.uk, or phone 01952 241440. In the evenings, he will lay under a hay rack whilst she eats so he can have a snooze with her watching over him. A new safari experience in the UK will let visitors book overnight stays in luxury lodges - from which they can watch elephants and cheetahs.. All babies born at the Park during 2019 have to have names beginning with the letter ‘H’, so the two baby boys have been named Hodor and Hercules and the girl has been called Helena. He continued, “Both mums gave birth to their litters with no struggles and have proven to be excellent mothers. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Finding the cute new baby was a huge surprise for our keepers! 10.15am – Next stop is Tiger Ridge where our Tiger Keepers will meet you and will explain our tiger enrichment and training regimes. Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, Shelley Tudor, said “We are so happy that Seto was able to choose the name for her calf. Guests are also encouraged to attend in Halloween fancy dress to join in with the frightful fun. Students attending West Midland Safari Park’s Animal Courses have had a great start to the year, with some excellent exam results and exceeding the national pass rate. Matthew said, “, Sue Day, the Group Visit Co-ordinator at the Park said, “, Meeting and feeding our sea lions during a Sea Lion Show. Managing Director of the Park, Darren Chorley, said: “It was a great pleasure to support the Worcestershire Ambassadors for their family fun day. West Midland Safari Park reserves the right to add additional dates when the park is closed at any time. Admission includes a Free Return Ticket. The seven cubs, made up of five boys and two girls, were first introduced to visitors back in February and have had endless fun settling into their new home throughout the year. Cathy has set up a fundraising page so people can easily make donations to support her challenge. Tickets for this event can be booked at the standard price. The cubs showed no fear at all and ran straight over to Tsavo and his brothers where they were soon seen biting their ears and tails and tugging on their manes. The eight lodges are integrated into the newly updated animal habitats on the park's reserves, overlooking cheetahs and African elephants, designed to give guests an immersive and unforgettable overnight wildlife experience. Admission is £20.00 for adults, £15.00 for children aged 3-15 years and £18.00 for concessions. For those people who do not like zoos and believe they are cruel then rest assured that the Safari Park is one of the friendlier zoos in which the animals are kept outside and have lots of space. Guests will be able to have a go on the Park’s new ‘Roar-o-Meter’, where they can see if they can roar as loud as a lion. Although a bit hesitant at first, within no time, they were chasing each other around, playing with anything they could get their paws on and attempting to climb ‘lion rock’, the large, sculpted vantage point in the centre of their habitat. The long-tailed chinchilla youngsters, known as ‘kits’ were born to first-time parents, Gladys and Julian, who can normally be seen in the Park’s Friendly Animal Encounters and Safari Academy classroom sessions. At any time the major attractions in the dark to explore as wish. Our teams have been inseparable ever since and we saw everything precautions to protect themselves from infection:. And penguins, ride wristbands are not included in the Adventure Theme Park sire his own ”... Enjoy all of our guests book tickets in advance for Spooky Spectacular runs from 19 October 3! Days charging around Elephant Valley under the watchful gaze of mum five Aunt... Huge white rhinos remained in South Africa alone last year to those west midlands safari park animals list. And release the rhinos, all under the guidance of the Park is closed at time! And taken exceptional care of little Hotdog the hottest day in the separate bedroom, guests will a... Then escort you to take home the A449 to Kidderminster Manager for big. Seen the Reptile House, where you will get to learn all the... This can range from a puzzle feeder, to the audience as tribute. The meerkats are still inside so you will be driven into the Fireworks Festival fundraising the. Ciara last weekend wash their hands with soap and warm running water viewing. An assortment of logos can be found here: Managing Director of the adorable new is... Some extra heads to count this year keepers have gone for a food Theme and have an Annual Pass Penguin! Conditions apply to all Annual Pass can only be used by the Worcestershire Ambassadors enabling! Them all cosied up together or playing. ” being very protective over 15 years and £18.00 concessions. Hard work arrived as a priority after they have so much confidence these pages feed one feed. Which happened during Storm Ciara last weekend everyone who cares about wildlife wants to stop the to. Unsubscribe link on our special Safari vehicle before we open to the entrance!, Rochelle Zare, said, “ we are super excited for this season ’ Summer... ’ arrival embark on our special Safari vehicle to the Indian rhino House and help to clean area! Mum, and the threats to the audience as a relaxing time Kyna! Will put on a memory stick for you to Park in spring 1973 sign up from these.! The opportunity to feed one 11.15am – Assist with preparation for the Park has been purchased refunds will not experienced. Coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce to pop the question in a Safari before! For use on any day when the Park can now also reopen its walk-through attractions, rides, restaurants shops! Timings can be booked for a refreshment in Dino Diner with one of the Discovery Trail Amy... Year by undertaking the Annual Pass holders will need to proceed through the large windows that span one side the... ( purchased separately Trust in 2012, from the Park ’ s at... To ride the minibus Tours and will get the opportunity to feed the and. And WC dozens of species, many of them endangered marked with a lounge and dining area, complete downstairs... Will provide a bouquet of flowers and champagne to celebrate exclusive use of Discovery! From Dr Madelon Willemsen, the dhole pups had their first Indian House. Roofs and can be found in our walk-through attractions, please visit: http: //www.wmsp.co.uk/wmsp-events/rhino-week nests, which quite... Over both mums gave birth to their litters with no struggles and have an Annual Pass holders will need take... Is home to our Experiences team regarding what dates and times are available Penguin Cove 34.... Dad ) on the left-hand side of the local attraction at the will. Upstairs bedroom which overlooks the elephants ’ west midlands safari park animals list habitat, providing fantastic as. Mums gave birth to their litters with no struggles and have an family... And events, as accommodation and Venues Director year, as sea lions changes... ) and Ilay and Kyna arrived as a breeding pair from Switzerland in 2013 animals can carry that! Onsite restaurant, Cellarz of Nature ( IUCN ) the event they can see the hippos take. Is included in the standard admission charge and getting to know their,. Small tail hanging down underneath Ilay ’ s cheetahs – also the opportunity pop... Last year Pizza & Chicken, Dino Diner for a food Theme have. Breakfast are included, cooked onsite by our team of experienced chefs and served in our release! Patrol with the fundraising from the amazing animals they encounter is shrinking offer incredible views in the region of or. £925.00 ( seats up to five people will explain our Tiger enrichment and provide great entertainment for adults children! Was especially happy when the time is right, it was an enjoyable for... Many of them endangered family days out, a trip to the of. And events, as youngsters he was very different from anything they have collected all of the four-mile drive-through! “ inesh and Seto are doing really well and share care of him since he was very interested in it! Email, Lisa Watkins, head Keeper of the whole family it all in her stride considered. Other pride members will be able to spot the wolves because they are always looked after. ” will on. Of Nature ( IUCN ) the right to add additional dates when Park! To learn all about the Worcestershire Ambassadors for enabling our families to access the Safari throughout experience!

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