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👻 Hi! midnight ghost is a studio focused on developing original films, tv show concepts, narrative podcasts and digital content. We have a number of projects in the concept, script development and filming phases. No, the ghosty does *not* pull his weight around here but we keep him around anyway. 😉


IMDB | Sci-Fi Film | Status: Post-Production

3 best friends meet at the grounding spot to plan the trip of a lifetime, but the departure isn’t as smooth as they expected. As they prepare to leave and have their celebratory cheers, a series of events forces Cybil to question everything.

Holly Who?

Series Pilot | Status: Script

Holly Who’ follows along with a millennial on the journey to pursue her dreams. Along the way, she experiences challenges, learns hard lessons, has dumb luck and realizes that manufactured relationships can’t take the place of real ones.

Close to Home

Film + Podcast | Psychological Horror | Status: Script

To be announced.